Anterior Hip Replacement

The most important goal of any hip replacement surgery is to provide a long-lasting, pain-free joint. Many surgeons use the posterior approach when performing hip replacement surgery. Recently, however, the anterior approach has re-entered the list of surgical options. In part, to the fact that the same procedure can be done with less disruption to the surrounding muscles and soft tissue. Patients have less pain and a shorter recovery time.

During surgery for an anterior hip replacement, a surgeon makes an incision through the front of the leg rather than the side or the back. It is made between muscles and soft tissue rather than through them. Hip replacement occurs through a natural space between muscles. Because important muscles and lateral and posterior soft tissues are not disturbed, return to normal hip function and stability is quick and not as restrictive as is the case with the posterior approach.

As with any type of surgery, risks are involved with anterior hip replacement. Complications are similar to those that might occur with posterior hip replacements. A complication specific to an anterior hip replacement happens when the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve is injured during surgery. This nerve is adjacent to the incision site. Chronic pain and abnormal sensations along the front and side of the thigh might occur.

As viable as it may be for some patients, anterior hip replacement may not be an option for all patients. Those who have implants or metal hardware in the hip from previous surgery, are muscular, have a wide pelvis, or are obese may not be good candidates for the surgery. If you are an appropriate patient for anterior hip replacement, your JOI Beaches surgeon will discuss the procedure from preparation to recovery and beyond with you.

If you are feeling any type of hip pain or discomfort, please schedule a consultation at Jacksonville Orthopedic Institute Beaches to determine if you are a good candidate for an anterior hip replacement. One of our highly-skilled surgeons will be happy to discuss your pain, your lifestyle, and the steps necessary to ensure that you are back to your best self. Contact us today at 904-241-1204 or online at!

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