Wearing the Right Clothes Ensures Safety

The approach of autumn means shorter days. If you love to run, you can’t allow the coming of an early evening keep you from the pavement! Here are some tips on the proper workout attire to help keep you safe while you walk, jog, or run in the dark:

Of course, the biggest concern while running at night is that of motor vehicles. You need to ensure that you are as visible as possible so as to avoid accidents. This means you have to put all your darker colored clothing away until spring. Reflective bright colored clothes are the smartest choice.

The Brighter the Colors, the Better
Start with a brightly colored vest or shirt. The best color is white, but neon colors like yellow, orange and pink are also good choices. Many of these shirts and vests will have reflective strips on them so that the car lights will shine off of them and make you easily seen.

While a shirt or vest is a good start, you want to pay attention to your arms and legs. Drivers are more likely to take notice of something when movement is involved. If all your reflective items are on the trunk of your body, you may not catch a driver’s eye. If, however, you have armbands or leg bands the motion of your limbs as you run is sure to get a driver’s attention so that they are aware of you.

Accessorize with Light
Another smart trick for night runners is that of blinking lights. These lights give off motion no matter if you are moving or not. The most popular place for these lights are shoes, but they are also showing up in hats and even shorts and pants.

Clothing is a big key to staying safe while running at night, but there are other essentials to keep with you to ensure your safety as well. It is smart to carry a flashlight with you as this can be easily seen, not to mention can be used if you run into any trouble spots and need to see exactly what it is you are running in or towards. Carrying a cell phone, and even a self-defense item like pepper spray, can also be a good idea to help ensure your safety.

One item you should leave at home if you are running at night is your iPod. Running to a good beat helps the time pass quicker, but at night, this can be very dangerous. You really need to have all your senses available so that you can spot any trouble early on.
Wearing the right clothing, carrying the right items, and leaving some items at home will help ensure that you have a fun and safe nighttime run.

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Running in Humidity

Enjoy your run even in the most humid


Running is a pleasurable and addicting way to get in shape. As the temperature rises, however, it can be harder to keep the pace. Running in humidity can really affect your performance and really slow you down if you are not prepared for it. Here are a few tips to keep you running even on the most humid day:

  • First, you need to learn to dress the part. Clothing on humid days can make a major difference between reaching your goal distance and time and giving up pretty early in your run. What you want to look for is lightweight clothing that lets your skin really get some air so that your body’s natural cooling system, sweat, can do its job. Some shirts and shorts are made from a material that helps wick moisture away. Others may have mesh panels that allow for the most airflow. There are a lot of options on the market today, so be sure to research your options and find the one that will work best for you.
  • Don’t forget accessories. Shoes are the most important item for runners, and if you are dealing with high heat and humidity, you want a pair that will help keep your feet cool and dry. Look for a pair of shoes that offers ventilation, as well as gaps, on the soles to allow the most air to circulate. Don’t forget breathable socks as well if you wear them. Other accessories like sunglasses and hats can help protect your face from the sun’s rays and keep you cool. Sweat proof sunscreen is also a must if you are running on sunny days, but really it applies to any time of the year.
  • There are some ways to work around the humidity that you may want to consider. Before you run, sit in a nice air-conditioned car or home and really cool down. This will help you to last just a bit longer when you start running as it will take a little time for your body to heat up. It is also important to stay hydrated, especially on hot muggy days.
  • One of the biggest keys to being able to run on muggy days is getting yourself slowly acclimated to the weather. If possible, try running early in the day or later in the evening on hot days, and slowly build yourself up for runs closer to the middle of the day where the temperatures are at their highest.

Follow all these tips and you won’t let the humidity get you down! For more information on exercise and health, keep reading our blog!

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