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Have you been feeling discomfort and pain in your hip? It’s time to visit the orthopaedic hip pain doctors in Jacksonville, FL at JOI Beaches to evaluate your hip pain and get you moving again. Our office is conveniently located in Jacksonville Beach, making it easy to get to from Ponte Vedra Beach, Atlantic Beach, Orange Park or even downtown Jacksonville.

“Conservative treatment to Total Hip Replacement utilizes both posterior and anterior approaches.”

What is Hip Pain?

The function of the hip joint is to connect the leg to the torso of the body. It is a "ball-in-socket" joint, allowing the lower part of our body to move in in many different directions to accommodate walking, jumping, sitting, squatting and all the functions of life. Many causes of hip pain are due to the joint itself. Numerous structures surrounding the hip joint can also be the culprit. Any source of inflammation of the hip area may be the source of hip pain. If there is inflammation, the pain may accompany symptoms of swelling, warmth, and discomfort.

Within the hip joint, the femur swivels in the acetabulum, the socket. There is minimal fluid inside the socket to allow for the femoral head to glide in the acetabulum. When inflammation is present, the space inside the socket will fill with fluid or blood; this puts pressure on the hip capsule, causing it to stretch and resulting in pain. The cartilage that lines the femoral head and acetabulum allows the bone to move with as little friction as possible. The cartilage can wear down, like any other joint’s cartilage, and can cause pain.

The muscles around the hip and the tendons that attach across the hip joint make movement possible. These joints also provide stability for the hip joint. To help the tendons glide easily over the bone, large bursas, which are closed fluid-filled sacs, surround the hip. Any of these sacs can become inflamed and result in pain.

What Causes Hip Pain?

As people age, hip fractures become more common. Falls are more likely to happen as the bones become thin. People with osteoporosis are exceptionally prone to hip fractures. Hip fractures are a major cause of hip pain. They are very serious. During recovery, such life threatening complications as pneumonia and blood clots may occur. Other causes of hip pain may include: arthritis, bursitis, infection, low-back pain, osteonecrosis, strain or sprain, and tendinitis.

The cause of hip pain could be the result of injuries or inflammation of the sciatic nerve, the lateral femoral cutaneous, or even pain from an inguinal hernia.

Hip pain is a common symptom and may be difficult to diagnose. If ignored, it can lead to further problems involving not only your hip but the thigh and leg area as well.

Contact a member of our team today to schedule your appointment with one of our doctors when you start to feel significant hip pain. Our team of orthopaedic doctors in Jacksonville, FL at JOI Beaches can help treat your hip pain and help you find relief!

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