MAKOplasty Revolutionizes Knee Procedures

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The doctors at JOI Beaches in Jacksonville, Florida, are proud to announce the transition of a new medical advancement into our practice. MAKOplasty provides a myriad of advantages for partial knee resurfacing.

When you’re suffering from debilitating pain in the knee, you want relief and our team of specialized doctors has found a new, simpler way to bring it to you. Powered by the surgeon-controlled RIO® (Robotic Arm Interactive Orthopedic System), it allows our team of orthopedic surgeons to treat patient-specific knee conditions with never-before precision.

MAKOplasty for the Knee

In addition to providing mobility and pain relief, MAKOplasty procedures may also assist to alleviate pain in the knee caused by joint degeneration due to osteoarthritis. By selectively targeting the part of your knee damaged by OA, your surgeon can resurface your knee while sparing the healthy bone and ligaments surrounding it.

Restore your lifestyle with the help of our Jacksonville orthopedic surgeons providing MAKOplasty.

Break away from traditional knee surgeries and disregard what you once knew about the constraints of pain and immobility. MAKOplasty breaks through all of the confines of traditional knee surgery to provide you with a specialized, precise surgery through means of technological medical advancements. It’s not just a new procedure, it’s an evolution.

The benefits of MAKOplasty are many, but here are some of the reasons why our patients request MAKOplasty over traditional surgical procedures.

  • Achieve natural knee kinematics.
  • Optimal results at a level of precision previously unattainable with conventional instrumentation.
  • Minimally invasive and bone sparing.
  • Minimal tissue trauma for faster recovery.

MAKOplasty at JOI Beaches

Our doctors are excited to announce that we offer MAKOplasty right here at Jacksonville Orthopedic Institute Beaches in Jacksonville, Florida. Our team of specialized doctors and orthopedic experts are always seeking new ways to provide you with the newest techniques and advancements in the field of orthopedic treatment.

To learn more about MAKOplasty, schedule a consultation at our Jacksonville, Florida, office. One of our orthopedic surgeons will be happy to explain the benefits of the procedures and to help you determine if you’re a candidate. Contact us today!

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