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Have you been feeling discomfort or pain in your ankle or ankle joints? It’s time to visit the orthopaedic ankle surgeons in Jacksonville, FL at JOI Beaches to find out if ankle surgery may be right for you. Our office is conveniently located in Jacksonville Beach, making it easy to get to from Ponte Vedra Beach, Atlantic Beach, Orange Park or even downtown Jacksonville.

As the population of the United States ages, there will be an increasing demand for joint replacement surgeries. Hips, knees, ankles and other joints will need replacing in order for the older population to remain active and healthy.

Another joint surgery that is not as well known is ankle replacement surgery; arthritis is not as common in the ankle as it is in other joints. Though ankle replacement is becoming more common, ankle fusion surgery is the standard surgical treatment to relieve ankle pain.

Who Needs Ankle Surgery?

Pain from a diseased or injured ankle can be debilitating and negatively affect a person’s quality of life. Ankle surgery can be utilized to reduce pain and improve mobility. At JOI Beaches, the average age for ankle replacement surgery is around 60 years of age. This is similar to the common ages for hip and knee replacement. Some patients are having the surgery done in their 40s, though doctors attempt to delay the procedure as long as possible. However, delaying the surgery is not always an option as there may be an optimum time to do the surgery. After this optimum time, it may be more difficult to perform the procedure. It’s all dependent upon your lifestyle, your medical conditions, and your needs.

Description of Ankle Surgery

Ankle surgery is often done under general anesthesia. If required, we will administer spinal anesthesia so you may stay conscious but temporarily lose feeling below the waist. After you are safely under, an incision will be made and the surgeon will remove the damaged bone, reshape the remaining bones, and then attach the new artificial joint. To keep the implant in place, special glue, screws, and a bone graft may be utilized to add more support and stability. The entire process tends to last around 2 hours but it may require more time dependent upon the damage.

Ankle Surgery Recovery

Generally, the hospital stay required after an ankle surgery is one to two nights. After an ankle replacement surgery, patients tend to recover their mobility and range on the second day. After surgery, a certain time of rehabilitation and therapy will be required. Your ankle surgeon will review all of the rehab requirements and therapy needed prior to surgery. Together, you can decide whether or not the surgery and rehabilitation is right for you and whether your lifestyle will allow you to maintain the proper rehab schedule.

Are There Risks?

Much like any other surgery, there are risks associated to ankle surgery. Wound infections are common after major ankle surgeries. Also, you should consider pain associated with the surgery for the next few weeks. Again, risks, complications, and side effects are all specific to your healing process.

Contact a member of our team today to schedule your appointment with one of our surgeons if you are suffering from ankle pain. Our team of orthopaedic doctors in Jacksonville, FL at JOI Beaches can help you decide if ankle surgery is right for you.

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